Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love and Salad

Someone loves me.

Cougar: "Do you have any bagged salad?"
Me: "Yes. I'll grab some from the back"

After I return, bagged salad in hand:

Cougar: "Oh, thank you thank you thank you. I love you. Well, not really. I love my husband, and he'd kill you if he heard you if he heard me say that, so I don't really love you, but you know what I mean."
Me: "Yes I do. You're welcome. Can I help you with anything else?"
Cougar: "No, I have to go find my husband now. Thank you once again."

I'm still alive, so I don't think she told her husband that she loves me.

Well, she doesn't really love me. But she does love bagged salad.

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