Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to Buy Clementines

After working last weekend, I've discovered an awesome method for buying perfect clementines:

1) walk into a grocery store

2) look for a pallet covered with boxes of clementines

3) approach the pallet and yell at any customers who distract you from your goal

4) find a box of clementines

5) remove clementines

7) repeat steps 4 and 5

8) repeat step 7

9) repeat step 8

10) place looses clementines on nearby objects

11) repeat steps 8 and 9

12) select the best looking clementines and place them in an empty box

13) place the now-full box in your grocery cart

14) don't touch leftover clementines

15) tell the closest employee to clean up the mess

Simple. Fast (not really). Effective.